Filter Cartridge

1st stage Super-Density Fiber Filter Element

5 micros orifice filter fiber has high performance, low pressure differential and is for filtering out ferrous rust, sludge, sand, hair, organic substance, algae and suspension micro organs.


2nd stage Food grade Ion Filter Element

Reducing hardness of water and removing human body jeopardizing heavy metal, such as cadmium, lead, arsenic, chlorinated substance, organic substance and other carcinogen substance and turning water into sweet and good mouth feeling.


3rd stage High Quality Activated Charcoal Particle Filter Element

Increase the adsorption of chemicals, such as chlorine, agriculture chemical, trichloromethane, odor, magnesium and organic substance and turn the water into weak alkali.

4th stage Compound KDF Activated Charcoal Filter Element.

KDF removes heavy metal and organic contaminants in water through electronic exchange oxidation reduction, which has the function of adsorbing colorants, fluoride and other hazardous substance.


5th stage Natural Wave Energy Ceramic Filter Element

Made of Fe2Fe3Cls refined from rare mineral and combined with a number of elements and sintered under high temperature to be energy ceramic, it is capable of consonant and activate water molecule group and under ultra high frequency to cut off the chemical bonds of large water molecule group to rearrange to be array of smaller water molecule group, which is best suitable for cell of human body, and with its energy, it becomes the natural and healthy quality water.


6th stage Genuine Imported High Technology Ceramic Filter Element

With the England Daulton Ceramic Filter Element, silver element is incorporated into ceramic to sinter into filter element. The unit has super filtering performance and capable of removing suspension micro particles, spore, virus in the water with the precision as good as removing 99.999% particles of 0.5 - 0.9 micron and 98.999% of 0.2-0.5 micron. It meets the NSF standard No. 42 - Grade 1 Potable Water Standard.