Potable Water Machine

YY-788P Product Features


Composite Doulton Ceramic Filter Element

The world class British Royal Doulton precision ceramic filter element can effectively remove 99.999%      debris larger   than 0.5 micro meter (1/10,000 cm), which include sludge, ferrous rust, bacteria, spore, chlorinated substance, agriculture chemical, insecticide, asbestos fiber, odor, heavy metal and trichloromethane.


Theory of Natural Mineral Energy Activation

Made from natural crystallized mineral and energy elements, Fe2Fe3Cl5, and certain other mineral elements, the energy released is same in consonant frequency as the air field in the cosmos and the released wave length (4um -14 um) is equivalent to the wave length of human body at normal body temperature. The energy mineral activated water instantly into natural underground spring quality water.

1. Enhance Metabolism
    Enhance metabolism to discharge heavy metal, toxin and deposited waste from human body.

2. Improving body property
    Maintain weak alkali of human body and increase the physical activate response, strengthen cell function
    and improve.

3. Activated water removes bacteria
    By removing micro dirt, bacteria, other microbes, it maintains favorable minerals and ensure the pure
    and health water.

4. Exposing the taste of foods
    After removing chlorine and ill odor in water, the cooking will maintain the original taste of foods.

5. Sweet and Delicious
     When water molecule group is contracted, it will maintain adequate quantity of mineral ions to make water
     sweet and delicious.

6. Totally pure
     After removing heavy metal, bacteria, organic contaminant and agricultural chemical, the water become
     totally pure.

7. Promoting Energy
    When the water molecule group is contracted, it is activated and the metabolism and energy of cell will
    be boosted.